terrance w. mann
Quote 18 Apr 2 notes
i can touch you now.
— will caster, transcendence 
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Text 17 Apr 16 notes you’ve been compromised

your eyes betray you

no matter how hard

you try to restrain them

they always seem to reveal

the secret passageways

into your heart

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Text 15 Apr 6 notes tomato popsicle

she glares at me,

clenching her fist

and throws a punch

but before it reaches my face,

her hand begins to 

bloom, like it’s Spring again

like it’s that Spring when we

first fell in love..

she clutches my chin instead,

and she strokes my cheek

one last time,

and then just walks away.

she knew that’d hurt me more

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Text 13 Apr 4 notes gift from above

it rained all night

just for us

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Quote 9 Apr 10 notes
my beautiful bird,
you have flown away
i held you too tight,
i can see
— maybe tomorrow, jackson 5
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Text 3 Apr 4 notes live responsibly

he started to fall in love

and take life seriously

and one night, he accidentally

told her that he loved her

so the next morning,

he began drinking

and vowed from then on

to remain in a state

of unbroken inebriation

to keep from saying

silly things

when he’s sober

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Text 2 Apr 10 notes conceited much?


okay, you’re pretty and all

but you’re so narcissistic

you’re convinced that i’m head over heels

you assume i daydream about you all day

which is crazy

but not illegal to do

you probably think i love the way your hair frames your face

regardless of how you’re wearing it

and you probably think i’d rather look into your eyes

than see my dreams come true

that’s so vain

and we both know i love your smile

and the shape of your nose

i mean, that’s probably what you assume

and whenever you talk or sing

i know you’re expecting me to forget

that there are other people who exist

and that’s not what happens at all

they just…disappear for a while

it’s so bothersome that you have these presumptions about me

that i love talking to you

that you’re all i think about

all i want

none of which is altogether ridiculous..

, lol
Quote 2 Apr
and girl, i promise you
no substitute
— pharrell, change clothes
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Text 31 Mar 6 notes doomed

no matter how much

we try to fight it,

the day is coming

when we will see one another

for the very last time

, creative writing, spilled ink, goodbyes, inevitable, love
Chat 31 Mar 2 notes
  • King Baldwin: My beautiful sister... so beautiful. I'm sorry if I've caused you any pain. Remember me as I was.
  • Sibylla: I will.
, baldwin and sibylla, kingdom of heaven, edward norton, eva green, movies, quotes, love
Text 30 Mar 10 notes but..


i’ll close my eyes now

and reach out for yesterday

as though it were tomorrow,

as though it were hope

Text 29 Mar 1 note

Anonymous asked: i think you are really attractive.

you sound like you’re on the fence there… what would it take to convince you?

Text 29 Mar temet nosce

perhaps you’ve never really

known me

maybe i’m only my true self

when i am dreaming

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Quote 28 Mar 9 notes
this is not paradise anymore
, quotes, lost love, paradise, sad
Text 26 Mar 1 note was any of it real?

we were a perfect dream

the kind of dream that you love

that you wake from too soon, and

try finding once more

but the dream began fading for

weeks and months at a time

we would close our eyes, but

find ourselves only able to 

wake, over and over again

the dream grew into delusion

a memory that never happened

it became a shared hallucination

we’d finally driven each other crazy

, spilled ink, love, breakups, dream, crazy, creative writing

    you are convinced
that our love isn’t real
because it won’t last forever
but nothing lasts forever
not even our lives
and like a refining fire
it is the finiteness
that turns things precious
this love is worthy
it is genuine and real
because it is doomed