terrance w. mann
Quote 22 Jul 1 note
Oaths are but words, and words are but wind.
— samuel butler (via learnanewword)
Quote 21 Jul
when God gave us mirrors, he had no idea
— librarian, my morning jacket
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Quote 19 Jul 2 notes
Once upon a time, it was the Americans who were terrorists to the British. They are forgetting their history already..
— omar, traitor
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Text 18 Jul 1 note patience

time will tell,

and her stories

never disappoint

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Text 17 Jul 5 notes dream a little


when we first met

you told me that you’d never

seen a shooting star

and now i realize

it’s because you don’t

spend enough time

staring into the sky

Text 17 Jul 8 notes each moment, waking or otherwise


although i spent 

the entire day with her,

i’ll sleep now and hope

to neither dream of flying,

nor God and paradise,

nor curious fantasy.

i only wish to dream

of another moment or two 

sitting across from her

laughing and staring

and falling in love

in a world that

doesn’t even matter

Text 17 Jul 8 notes nights without you


i looked up at the sky tonight

at the stars

and as bright and beautiful

as they were

all i saw was your face

staring right back at me

Text 16 Jul 3 notes going in circles

don’t you recognize this place?

we’ve been here before.

, spilled ink, breakups, love, going in circles
Text 16 Jul 1 note indifferent

she lays down her head on

pillows etched by your initials

but she cares not, because

she knows the difference

between a complication

and a memory

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Text 13 Jul

Anonymous said: is ur icon u?


Text 13 Jul 3 notes "how fair your fabrications"

and like the tide,

for the moonlight,

i only dance for you

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Quote 7 Jul 1 note
forever seems to be a lot shorter than it should be
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Text 5 Jul 1 note dark

she’s the kind of girl

only decorates with flowers

after they’ve died

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Quote 3 Jul 34 notes
In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.
— Robert Frost (via learnanewword)
Text 30 Jun 5 notes dense

i called her my moon

and she thought me romantic

but it was because her love

waxed and waned

, poetry, spilled ink, moon, love, romantic

    come find me when you wake up.