terrance w. mann
Text 22 Sep 4 notes the slowest form of death

when we go out,
you use your phone
a little more often
than you used to

when we stay in,
you hold my hand
a little less tightly
than i’m used to

but that’s okay,
i think,
because relationships
are peaks and valleys

and that’s okay,
i thought,
because you can’t be
in love all the time

except, i am
in love all the time,
so this uncertainty with you
is breaking my heart

but i still choose to stay,
surviving on morsels and memories
of what we had,
because i’m not done loving you yet

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Text 22 Sep 4 notes empathy

when you experience loss,

i wish that i could, too,

just so i’d have something to say

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Chat 22 Sep
  • Katniss: How do people pay for the pleasure of your company?
  • Finnick: With secrets.
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Text 17 Sep 3 notes for better or for worse

unsatisfied by the sun, 

God spoke the moon

into existence, too. 

and that is precisely how i

choose to have you,

both your light and your gloom. 

i refuse to love one,

without the other.

, poetry, spilled ink, love, moon, sun, for better or worse
Text 16 Sep 3 notes lucky us

we have no future together, 

and we know this.

but love does not depend on hope,

in order to survive.

love is completely self-sustaining,

so it will not wither,

even though we beg for it to die

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Quote 14 Sep 3 notes
loving you is just like breathing,
even when the air is not sincere
— how fair your fabrications
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Text 13 Sep 3 notes why linger?

the longer i live,

the more i realize that

not everything is worth the wait

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Quote 13 Sep 2,085 notes
A poem has secrets that the poet knows nothing of.
Text 11 Sep 7 notes simple

if i had three wishes,

i’d wish to love you today,

and i’d wish to love you tomorrow,

and i’d have no use for the third

, poetry, spilled ink, creative writing, love, wishing
Text 11 Sep 25 notes


In the dark, there was a

sullenness that seemed to be

etched into her face.

But a single ray of moonlight

pierced her countenance,

and from its wound flowed peace,

pure and unapologetic. 

(Source: lucyquin)

Quote 9 Sep 3 notes
I know what people laugh at. I know their vocabulary.
— Gallagher (via learnanewword)
Text 9 Sep 2 notes

the world perverted my love

until i’d grown to crave the

beauty found in broken hearts

, poetry, spilled ink, beauty, love, broken heart
Text 9 Sep 4 notes he’s me

i hope that the bad guy,

in this story,

ends up with the girl

that he loves

, love, happily ever after
Text 9 Sep 2 notes my own fault

i begged you to make promises

that you could not keep

, promises, love, disappointment, hope
Text 9 Sep 28 notes good times

do you remember when you asked 

about the very first time that i 

really, truly fell in love,

as though you weren’t there

when it happened?

, spilled ink, love, falling in love, creative writing

    come find me when you wake up.