terrance w. mann
Text 30 Jul the waits are over

you’ve been waiting your entire life

for someone to treat you like you deserve

so, i won’t make you wait any longer

not for me to text or call first

or for me to say sorry first

you won’t ever have to wait for me

to offer you help or support,

when you’re too hesitant to ask

before you even think of me,

i’ll be thinking of you

i’ll be there

, creative writing, spilled ink, waiting, don't worry
Text 30 Jul 3 notes a jewel

you’re the second most beautiful sight

that i’ve ever seen or imagined,

because i dreamt of Heaven once

, poetry, spilled ink, beauty, heaven, once
Text 29 Jul 4 notes puzzled

one day, i will try to fill

the you-shaped holes inside of me, 

and you will try to fill

the me-shaped holes inside of you

we’ll treat the voids like

incomplete puzzles

and belittle new lovers,

treating them like small pieces

we’ll ignore the fact that no pieces

are quite like the pieces that belong

, spilled ink, love, breakups, puzzle, hole
Text 29 Jul 3 notes falling out of love

it isn’t enough, just to say

that breaking apart is necessary

in the end, we are forced to 

make a deliberate effort

it’s not enough, just to be wounded

we have to repeatedly stab at the wound

until it grows numb

until we are dead to each other

, spilled ink, breakups, love, goodbyes, necessary
Text 26 Jul 1 note neither good, nor evil

i can’t really tell if there are

little angels or little devils

pulling the strings behind our love

but if i’m honest, 

i think i prefer it this way

, spilled ink, poetry, angels, devils, love
Text 25 Jul 6 notes the pleasure was mine

whenever i found something funny,

i’d look at you before laughing

or if i was hungry,

i’d call to see if you were, too

i checked up on you

not to know where you were,

but to know that you were okay

i would fall asleep with you,

and then dream about you

you were my first thought,

my first reaction to everything

and if you were ever my burden, 

you were always lighter than air

, spilled ink, creative writing, i miss you, love, breakups
Quote 25 Jul 1 note
so go on..
kiss me,
kill me,
do something.
— alice, luther
, quotes, tv, luther, ruth wilson
Text 22 Jul 13 notes irreplaceable, somehow

your body is replaceable, and
your voice is replaceable
your eyes are replaceable, and
the things you say can be repeated
your thoughts thought before
your feelings felt
your touch can be imagined, and
your scents are sold on shelves..
so it’s a wonder to me, to already know
that i’ll never find anyone like you
i won’t ever even come close again

, spilled ink, love, breakups, irreplaceable
Quote 22 Jul 1 note
Oaths are but words, and words are but wind.
— samuel butler (via learnanewword)
Quote 21 Jul
when God gave us mirrors, he had no idea
— librarian, my morning jacket
, songs, lyrics, my morning jacket, mirrors, vanity
Quote 19 Jul 2 notes
Once upon a time, it was the Americans who were terrorists to the British. They are forgetting their history already..
— omar, traitor
, movies, quotes, traitor, said taghmaoui
Text 18 Jul 1 note patience

time will tell,

and her stories

never disappoint

, spilled ink, time, creative writing, patience, future
Text 17 Jul 5 notes dream a little


when we first met

you told me that you’d never

seen a shooting star

and now i realize

it’s because you don’t

spend enough time

staring into the sky

Text 17 Jul 8 notes each moment, waking or otherwise


although i spent 

the entire day with her,

i’ll sleep now and hope

to neither dream of flying,

nor God and paradise,

nor curious fantasy.

i only wish to dream

of another moment or two 

sitting across from her

laughing and staring

and falling in love

in a world that

doesn’t even matter

Text 17 Jul 8 notes nights without you


i looked up at the sky tonight

at the stars

and as bright and beautiful

as they were

all i saw was your face

staring right back at me

    come find me when you wake up.