terrance w. mann
Text 22 Oct out of necessity

you said that you

couldn’t live without me,

but what if you could

live without me?

what if you happened to be

a person all your own?

would you still stay?

, spilled ink, love, forever, necessary
Quote 18 Oct 62 notes
..I go to sleep late and wake up early because I never want to miss anything — I never want to stop being happy, I never want to stop living.
— (via lucyquin)
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Text 17 Oct 2 notes The Reasons Why, Pt. 1 - “Her Notebook”

For as long as I’d known her,

she’d been swearing that

love was neither existent, nor relevant.

She sold it well, too,

contending with anyone brave enough to disagree.

But one day, her notebook slipped from her grasp.

As it fell to the ground, its pages flipped,

becoming visible to any keen eye.

The pages were filled with hand-drawn hearts,

hearts etched with her initials,

and then an ampersand,

and then a blank space.

I grabbed the notebook and handed it to her,

half of me pretending to be none the wiser,

and the other half wishing to inhabit her blank spaces.

, prose, writing, poetry, love
Text 17 Oct 11 notes always Autumn

because we are unsure

of what we want,

we die over and over again,

choosing neither life, nor separation

we are stuck in a 

perpetual state of Autumn

always beautiful, and

forever dying

, poetry, spilled ink, autumn, love, death
Text 16 Oct 3 notes too eager

maybe we should have just

shared our little moment in the rain

and then moved on,

instead of mistaking dumb luck

for fate and love, and

torturing ourselves in the process

, poetry, spilled ink, love, moments, mistakes
Text 12 Oct 5 notes near, but not

if my voice was loud enough

and my heart strong enough,

i could call out for you right now,

and you would hear me.

so why does the moon seem

closer tonight, than you do?

, spilled ink, love, moon
Text 9 Oct 14 notes indian summer


i had just began settling

into my solitude

before you came along

i wanted no one

and craved nothing

except the autumn season

but now that it’s finally time

for the leaves to die

that beautiful death

my longing for their color

has faded into the shadows

of my thirst for your raised brow

my lust for your carnal warmth

and my hunger for the jade darkness

in your eyes

, poetry, autumn, love, summer, indian summer
Text 9 Oct 1 note residue

there is always smoke

after a fire is quenched,

and that is how our love endures,

no longer a burning flame,

but a sweet-smelling aroma

, spilled ink, creative writing, fire, flame, love
Quote 9 Oct 4 notes
what are we holding onto, Sam?
— frodo, two towers
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Text 7 Oct 5 notes she loves me.. she loves me, too

i’ll toss this magic coin into the Autumn sky,

and whoever i am with, 

when the coins returns with the first snowfall,

i will choose to love her

, poetry, spilled ink, luck, snow
Quote 4 Oct 3 notes
forever is a long time,
but so what?
— stevie wonder, from the bottom of my heart
, forever, quotes, lyrics, stevie wonder, love
Text 4 Oct 11 notes that moment


when she tells me that she misses me

and i just say, “i know”

but it’s not because i’m conceited,

it’s because i’m already on my way home

Text 4 Oct 2 notes my north star

i touched the face of the sun

and chased every other star in the sky,

but they always eventually disappear,

so i’m so glad you’ve stuck around

, poetry, spilled ink, stars, love, friends
Text 2 Oct 4 notes horizon

will you flow

into me,

as sky flows

into sea?

, poetry, spilled ink, love, sea, sky
Quote 30 Sep 6 notes
even in Heaven,
the roses have thorns
— anonymous
, poetry, quotes, heaven, dreams

    come find me when you wake up.