terrance w. mann
Quote 26 Aug 10 notes
and heaven’s not enough
if when i’m there, i don’t remember you
— steve conte, heaven’s not enough (via loveandraisins)
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Chat 25 Aug 3 notes new moon
  • bella: we don't have to keep doing this to each other.
  • jacob: yes we do.
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Text 25 Aug 14 notes malady of love

she spent her days wondering

if i had grown too lonely

and found someone new

but i didn’t miss a warm body

i didn’t miss having someone to talk to,

and i didn’t even miss being loved

i missed her,

and there was no remedy

, poetry, spilled ink, love, breakups, i miss you
Text 25 Aug 4 notes cowardice

you wanted blood, 

but i gave you ink instead

a pen for writing wrongs,

in lieu of a heartfelt apology

, poetry, spilled ink, apologize, love, breakups
Text 25 Aug 4 notes predisposition

i sought her, like

the thunderstorm seeks a still valley

i only wanted to find peace,

but i brought destruction,

because it is my nature

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Quote 22 Aug 7 notes
there are only two things that no man can fight: death and love.
— terrance mann
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Text 21 Aug 14 notes magnetic


it was in that moment,

when i chose to follow you,

that i realized you don’t

attract me anymore

as a woman attracts a man


it’s like a magnet attracting iron

no longer is there a ‘why’,

there is only the need

to be near you

, poetry, magnetic, love
Text 21 Aug 3 notes unsafe

we quickly erected our love

without laying down solid foundation

we have climbed so high,

and we will fall so far

the ground is giving way

and in the end,

it will fail us

, spilled ink, creative writing, love, falling
Text 20 Aug 2 notes you’re weird.

you don’t really want

to be happy

for some reason

you want someone who will 

treat you like it’s christmas

only when it’s christmas

, spilled ink, creative writing, what do you want from me, love
Quote 19 Aug 13 notes
my beautiful bird,
you have flown away
i held you too tight,
i can see
— maybe tomorrow, jackson 5 (via loveandraisins)
Text 18 Aug 3 notes lost in lust

kiss me just as

often as you’d like to,

but don’t hold my hand

i’m not ready to mean

something to someone

not yet

, spilled ink, love, lust, taking it slow, creative writing
Text 14 Aug one night stand

the alcohol operated like a still

and slowed the time

we were only strangers

for a moment, because

each second became a day,

and after a few hours

we had known each other

for decades

, creative writing, one night stand, love, alcohol
Quote 11 Aug 1 note
To successfully create an illusion, the first thing you need is trust.
— Emily, “Revenge”
, television, quotes, revenge, emily Thorne, illusion, trust, decetion
Text 7 Aug 6 notes noah and his wife


we should have gone inside

but we lingered a while longer

mostly staring at each other

her hair was now grey and long and

flowing, as the wind grew stronger

she was still beautiful in her old age

i barely noticed when the rain started

and the world began to end

Text 5 Aug 5 notes 'this, too, shall pass'


it gives me hope

when life has grown dark,

and it haunts me

when life swells with happiness

    come find me when you wake up.